The Importance of Staying Compliant

By Alexis Elsethagen, VYP Marketing Co-Chair

Often people hear the word compliance and they roll their eyes. Not those people, they make my job harder. However, compliance is simply following the rules. We all know rules serve a purpose, but no one likes to be nitpicked. Compliance is bigger than just rules. Workplace compliance is about protecting your business, customer value, and the ability to strengthen your team.

Protecting Your Business

Compliance is valuable for protecting your business both proactively and reactively. Through a proactive, internal approach you can collect information that could help prevent lawsuits, provide training to your employees, and highlight business standards that need to be improved. That same information can be used reactively to provide evidence of company regulations and of employees following the standards put in place. Compliance tools like recordings can help you identify if employees are following company policy as well as prove the employee was doing the job correctly.

Customer Value

Many company standards and government laws are put in place to protect the people, so it’s in your best interest to make compliance a priority. If you value your customers, you want to do what is right for them. Compliance Officers and Auditors look for accuracy and honesty. It’s better to over deliver than to promise something you can’t provide. Focus on what your product or service can give the customer. You don’t need to manufacture false information if you’re creating value for your customers. It’s important to gain your customer’s trust. If you do that, you are sure to create a loyal customer.

Additionally, it’s important for employers to have continual training and relevant resources available. People make mistakes, but stopping them before they occur is important, because an employees’ neglectfulness towards your company’s policy could impact a customer in a negative way. You can help prevent these mistakes by coaching employees on proper company policy.

Strengthen Your Team

Your team is stronger when its united and following the same standards. Company credibility is important, and it is the responsibility of every employee to protect. If some employees are sharing misinformation, it reflects negatively on the company. If everyone is delivering the same service company-wide, then your customers will always know what to expect. This will prevent distrust based on different answers to the same question.

Employees will also be more productive if your consistently compliant internally on factors such as compensation and benefits. Employee satisfaction can impact customer experience, so compliance is important in all parts of your business. If you deliver what you promised to your employees they’re more likely to deliver the company’s promise to customers.

Compliance isn’t always popular, but it is important. Compliance is about protecting your business, valuing the customer, and strengthening your team. Next time you’re unhappy with the rules, remember they’re key to helping your company succeed.