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By Danica Torchin ‘18

In life, we are taught that there are those who lead and those who follow. We have an idea of what a leader is in our heads and we work hard to exemplify all the strengths of a leader. And in the professional world, it’s hard to get ahead unless you take on leadership positions. It takes training, personal insights and practice to really become an effective manager. This is why the Leadership Advance program is so valuable.

By Matthew Lindsey- Entrepreneur & Las Vegas Young Professionals Marketing Chair

Many revered business leaders attribute their successes to the guidance and leadership of a mentor. Mentors can provide their mentees with valuable insights on the tricks of the trade, industry challenges, and the path to success.

Karina Nevers is a Professional Development Specialist with Curriculum Associates, striving to make classrooms better places for teachers and students. As a former CCSD teacher, Karina now supports educators with data-driven tools that empower students to take ownership of their learning and achieve college and career readiness. VYP+ has afforded Karina opportunities to connect with others passionate about improving our community. She enjoys networking at diverse venues and growing as a professional through such programs as Leadership Advance.

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By Kelly Peterson, Morgan Stanley – VYP Events Chair

Luis Rosa is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ focusing on helping young professionals with their money. Whether it’s basic money management or first-time home buying, he seeks is to empower upwardly mobile young professionals with the knowledge they need to help them design a better financial future. Luis joined VYP to connect with other young professionals who are looking to grow their network and affiliate with liked-minded individuals. VYP has been a great resource for Luis, and he has met many friends and business contacts from various professions.

Rob Anderson is an illusionist and MTV host living in Las Vegas. He specializes in using his magic to create unique, customized marriage proposals for his company, This Magic Moment. With over 25 million views on his YouTube channel, The Huffington Post has dubbed Rob "The Magical Humanitarian" for his viral videos, some of which feature magic to help the homeless. Additionally, Rob has been featured performing magic on TV shows such as Syfy's Wizard Wars, Good Morning America, Today, and more.

By Chris Amann

Millennials are cause-driven, tech savvy and continue to work passionately to shape their local communities. Many employers are bombarded with misinformation about this generation and how they contribute to the workforce. There are many benefits of hiring and engaging the millennial workforce. For employers who are on the fence about hiring a millennial, here are two popular myths about millennials dispelled.

MYTH: Millennials have no job loyalty.